Thank you for your interest in Holly Aiken Bags!

Holly Aiken Bags is a collection of uncomplicated bags using distinctive, indestructible materials. Influenced by colors found in dime store aisles and vintage racing jackets, Holly designs bags primarily made from vinyl, accented by stripes or crisp geometric shapes. Every bag is hand-cut at our brick and mortar shop, and made in North Carolina.

For our complete collection, please take a look at the
Holly Aiken 2017 Linesheets!

May we suggest our Holly Aiken Order Tiers,
which combine our best selling styles into three strong collections by price point:

Tier 1 | Gullwing $800

Tier 2 | Starlight $1200

Tier 3 | Skyhawk $2400



As all of our bags are handmade and orders are typically ready in 2-4 weeks.

The minimum opening order is $400 and the minimum for re-orders is $200.

When you are ready to place an order, please fill out the Wholesale Account Info and Wholesale Order forms, email them back to us or we are happy to take your order and information over the phone.

If you have any questions, please contact us – we would love to hear from you!

P: (919) 833-8770