Unfortunately, while our bags are tough enough to withstand daily wear and tear, enemies of cleanliness always seem to find us. We've formulated a few ways to get your bag back to its spic-and-span potential.

1) Soap and a damp cloth and scrub; just like your mom said to do behind those ears. A simple, yet effective way to get the dirt!

2) Discovered a truly heinous spot? Rubbing alcohol is not just for sterilizing cuts and new piercings. A little wipe here and there, rubbing alcohol usually does the trick for spots that ignore the soap and water effort. An ammonia cleaner of any sort can also be used.

3) A mild abrasive bleach cleanser. That's what you should do to stubborn dirt or spots. Slap it on and rub gently. Take it off with a damp towel and hopefully, those darn spots will be on the towel and not your bag.

*Did you know that your Holly Aiken bag is antimicrobial and antibacterial protected? It's also mildew and oil resistant. Talk about indestructible! Thumbs up for vinyl!